Monday, April 25, 2011

Charlus as Lear

"But good heavans!" cried Jupien, "I was right not to want to go too far. Look! He's already managed to get into a conversation with the gardener's boy. I had better say good-bye to you, sir, I must not leave my invalid alone for a second, he's just really a big baby now."
~Time Regained, page 897.

But how can we go too far with Charlus, or say good-bye to Marcel's characters? I'd sit with the baron for awhile, let him flatter and ramble, keep his hand off my knee, replace his wilted boutonnière with  a fresh blossom and think, were I myself, of painting him again.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Illustrated Proust

Update: It should be noted that "The Illustrated Proust" is in manuscript and not available for sale.

Patrick Alexander and I have put together a draft version of "The Illustrated Proust". It includes 16 illustrations painted over the last nine months. They will accompany Patrick's tweets of In Search of Lost Time in a final version. The draft can be seen here: The Illustrated Proust. It is listed in the links to the right.
Here are three scenes...
Marcel and the madeleine

Mlle Swann and the Duke and Duchess de Guermantes

Charlus hosting Mme Verdurin's soirée