Monday, August 27, 2012

Mme de Saint-Euverte's Soirée

Acrylic on panel, unframed 9x12 inches, (22.9x30.5 cm), 2012

Framed, 17.5x14.5 inches, (36.8x44.5 cm)

Charles Swann is on the left, Mmes de Cambremer, de Francquetot and de Gallardon are at center. Oriane de Guermantes in her Princesse des Laumes incarnation is at the right.
The painting will be exhibited in a show curated by Sarah Archer at Viktor Wynd Fine Arts in London. It opens October 12 at a celebration of Suzette Field's "A Curious Invitation - The 40 Greatest Parties in Literature", published by Picador.

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